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          About Us

              Located in Liling City, Hunan Province, Liling Shunlei Electric Porcelain Insulator Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of porcelain bushing/insulator in China. Liling Shunlei was founded in 2005 , obtained ISO9001 in 2010, independent import & export right in 2011 and high-tech enterprise certification in 2017. We have two factories that cover a total area of 40000 m2and more than 100 employees .

              Our company is long-term stable supplier of porcelain bushings with accessories of ABB, COMEM and many other large domestic and foreign electrical companies. Liling Shunlei is deeply loved by customers since we have been committed to producing high-quality porcelain bushings, attaching great importance to the appearance and we strictly abide by the customer's quality standards and deliver on time.

          Business Scope

          Surpass all possibilities

          To be the best electric porcelain manufacturer in China

          To provide the best service to our customers

          To obtain your best evaluation

          Quality ManagementProducts strictly manufactured in accordance with the ISO: 9001 standard to ensure the quality.

          TeamExcellent workers with rich experience, able to help you with any production problems.

          DeliveryComplete cargo transportation solution. We deliver products safely and quickly.

          Customer Service7x24 standby to help you solve problems with products.

          Liling Shunlei Electric Porcelain Insulator Co., Ltd

          • Tel:+86-0731-23042686
          • Mobile/WhatsApp:+86-18670840319
          • WeChat / QQ : 515886601
          • E-mail:march@sl-insulator.com
          • Add:
          • No.3 YongHong Road, YangSanShi Dist ,
          • Liling ,Hunan,China 412205(A branch factory)

          • ShunLei Insulator ,DongFu Industrial Park ,
          • Liling ,Hunan,China 412205(B branch factory)

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