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          Liling Shunlei Electric Porcelain Insulator Co., Ltd

              Located in Liling City, Hunan Province, Liling Shunlei Electric Porcelain Insulator Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of porcelain bushing/insulator in China. Liling Shunlei was founded in 2005 , obtained ISO9001 in 2010, independent import & export right in 2011 and high-tech enterprise certification in 2017. We have two factories that cover a total area of 40000 m2 and more than 100 employees .

          • Main Products:
          • DIN Type Porcelain Bushings
          • EN Type Porcelain Bushings
          • SF6 Circuit Breaker Porcelain Bushing
          • Accessories of DIN/EN Type Porcelain Bushings
          • 35KV-110KV current/voltage transformer bushings
          • Post Type Insulators/Line Type Insulators
          • Custom design bushings (according to customers’ drawings)

              Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as United States, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Turkey, South Korea and Southeast Asia. Our products are favored by customers because of their high quality and satisfying the specific needs of each customer.

              The company adheres to the concept of innovation, integrity, dedication and mutual benefit. We continue to grow and develop ourselves based on the high-quality products and do our best to contribute to global electric.

          Enterprise Qualification

          We have been recognized by the above testing organizations and related technical institutions.

          Factory Display

          Factory Appearances

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          Exhibition and customer visits

          Liling Shunlei Electric Porcelain Insulator Co., Ltd

          • Tel:+86-0731-23042686
          • Mobile/WhatsApp:+86-18670840319
          • WeChat / QQ : 515886601
          • E-mail:march@sl-insulator.com
          • Add:
          • No.3 YongHong Road, YangSanShi Dist ,
          • Liling ,Hunan,China 412205(A branch factory)

          • ShunLei Insulator ,DongFu Industrial Park ,
          • Liling ,Hunan,China 412205(B branch factory)

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